The street college prep academy

at the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club

The Street College Prep Academy is our community-centered, program of attraction that students can encounter in their neighborhoods, schools, community centers, local parks, and other safe spaces, like the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club, from childhood through their young adulthood.

The Street College Prep Academy currently offers the following curriculum for various programs:

01. Ghetto Genius Motorsports ON-TRACK: RC Car Mentoring Program 

Teaching the basics of RC Cars and racing to expose young people to various STEM / STEAM career skills, as well as soft skills like sportsmanship, community-building, and task management.

02. Music Training & Technology

This course focuses on the fundamentals and knowledge and is where every DJ begins. Students are taught technique, history, beat-matching, as well as blending. The course provides each student with the tools and confidence they need to begin their journey to becoming a professional

03. Genius Coaching

Students in this program gain knowledge, whether as individuals or in groups and imagine success on their terms. Whether their track is in science, technology, engineering, entrepreneurship; the arts, or math and music, our Coaches work through each plan with every student on their genius journey.