About Us

cultural wealth + innovative technology

Youth Development 

STEAM Genius is a parent not-for-profit organization with a host of programs, scholarships, and services.  

Our offerings are the result of evidence-based applied research, where we identify specific "cool factor" engagement methods, show up consistently and authentically in underserved spaces, and attract the curiosity of underserved youth and young adults. Sparking their curiosity provides us with an entry point to offer additional STEM and STEAM educational opportunities that allow youth and young adults to witness their own genius and future possibilities. 

This Fall 2023, STEAM Genius and the Ghetto Genius Motorsports team will visit students in Urbana schools!

Straight from the Hip Hop Xpress Double Dutch Boom Bus, students can receive a demo of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math concepts plus music to harness creativity and explore their cultural wealth in ways that also improve their quality of life. Please email your request for the bus to come to your site: info@steamgenius.org.

"Our assignment is to make certain that all kids unlock their access to opportunity by building relationships with other people that have different skill sets than their own."

-Dr. Will Patterson