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STEAM Genius, the parent not-for-profit of the Ghetto Genius Universe, is an organization with a host of programs, scholarships, and services that encourage underserved youth and young adults to build back their communities using comprehensive, high-level engineering concepts, and design thinking from a Hip Hop perspective. 

The Ghetto Genius Universe sets the tone for all Ghetto Genius Motorsports, Hip Hop Xpress Double Dutch Boom Bus, Street College, Studio Saturdays, the Lovin' U Tours, and a variety of diverse STEM/ STEAM programming for K-12 students and young adults inspired by Dr. William Patterson from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 

Below is a YouTube video where Dr. Patterson breaks down how the universe is theoretically grounded within the context of the Ghetto Genius Paradigm.

The Ghetto Genius Paradigm

UIUC's Dr. Will Patterson unlocks the potential of Hip Hop and innovative technology with his research in the Ghetto Genius Paradigm. Dr. P's new form of education provokes a refreshing train of thought to help others explore the wealth of Hip Hop, rather than exploit it.


The Lovin' U video was dedicated to sharing the message of preventative behaviors for managing COVID-19 in the African-American community. It was also part of our design to inform and share content that supports the development of families residing in low-resource neighborhoods.

The Street College Prep Academy is the result of evidence-based applied research, where we identify specific "cool factor" engagement methods, show up consistently and authentically in underserved spaces, and attract the curiosity of underserved youth and young adults. 

Social Media 1 - Dayton.mp4

Performed by Poet Laureate of Dayton, Ohio July 2023

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