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Street College Prep Academy 

Afterschool STEM/ STEAM education and higher learning courses for middle and high school students 

Registration & Enrollment Fee: $20

Monday 3-5:30 PM and 6-8 PM at Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club | 201 E. Park Street

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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

"The Ghetto Genius Paradigm" 

University of Illinois' Dr. William Patterson unlocks the potential of hip hop and innovative technology in his research of the Ghetto Genius Paradigm. By focusing on marginalized communities, he has illustrated how different disciplines of learning can be taught and developed from a cultural perspective. Dr. Patterson's new form of education provokes a refreshing train of thought to help others explore the wealth of hip hop, rather than exploit it.

Home to all STEAM Genius, Ghetto Genius Motorsports, Street College, and Hip Hop Xpress programming for 

K-12 students.

STEAM Genius is the parent not-for-profit organization with a host of programs, scholarships, and services inside the Ghetto Genius Universe.

Dr. William Patterson leads a team built of university faculty, entrepreneurs, community members, lifelong learners, and individuals committed to making real change, and impacting lives.

Our Street College Prep Academy at the Don Moyer Boys & Girls Club is building tomorrow's engineers.

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